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The Season of Our DiscontentThe Season of Our DiscontentElder George Jackson, Nov 25, 2017
CanCan't Win for Losin' Pastor Bruce Blum, Nov 18, 2017
Sabbath Afternoon 11-11-17Sabbath Afternoon 11-11-17Dr. Allen Davis, Nov 11, 2017
Character Perfection- Is It PossibleCharacter Perfection- Is It PossibleDr. Allen Davis, Nov 11, 2017
Vespers 11-10-17Vespers 11-10-17Dr. Allen Davis, Nov 10, 2017
The Follower Part 4The Follower Part 4 Pastor Bruce Blum, Nov 4, 2017
The King of the JewsThe King of the JewsMelvin Hudnall, Oct 28, 2017
The Follower Part 3.mp3The Follower Part 3.mp3 Pastor Bruce Blum, Oct 21, 2017
Sabbath Afternoon 10-14-17Sabbath Afternoon 10-14-17Dr. Allen Davis, Oct 14, 2017
The Power of the Everlasting GospelThe Power of the Everlasting GospelDr. Allen Davis, Oct 14, 2017
My New HusbandMy New HusbandJanice Nelson, Oct 7, 2017
Dwelling in the FortressDwelling in the FortressRichard Magnuson, Sep 23, 2017
Whatever Happened to CommitmentWhatever Happened to CommitmentCarlton Oler, Sep 23, 2017
The Follower Part 2.mp3The Follower Part 2.mp3 Pastor Bruce Blum, Sep 16, 2017
The Sower and The Seeds.mp3The Sower and The Seeds.mp3Alfredo Alleyne, Sep 9, 2017
A Boater or a Floater 2A Boater or a Floater 2George Shouey, Sep 9, 2017
The FollowerThe Follower Pastor Bruce Blum, Sep 2, 2017
draw me Lorddraw me Lordwomen's group, Sep 1, 2017
A Boater or a FloaterA Boater or a FloaterGeorge Shouey, Aug 19, 2017
Not Licened to TellNot Licened to Tell Pastor Bruce Blum, Aug 19, 2017
The Lord is My ShepherdThe Lord is My ShepherdPastor George Jackson, Aug 12, 2017
OwnedOwned Pastor Bruce Blum, Aug 5, 2017
Why Faith is ImportantWhy Faith is ImportantCarolyn Walker-Davis, Jul 29, 2017
Cleansing the TempleCleansing the TempleElder Kelly Morris, Jul 22, 2017
The Epitome of CompassionThe Epitome of CompassionDr. Karen White, Jul 15, 2017
Your problem serves you a purpose in your lifeYour problem serves you a purpose in your life Alfredo Alleyne, Jul 8, 2017
Defended FreedomDefended Freedom Steve Higgins, Jul 1, 2017
The DevilThe Devil's Brigade Noah Porter, Jun 24, 2017
The Gospel According to SunflowersThe Gospel According to Sunflowers Pastor Bruce Blum, Jun 17, 2017
Trust, Delight & CommitTrust, Delight & Commit Dijon Ferrell, Jun 10, 2017
The Rocky FoundationThe Rocky Foundation Pastor Bruce Blum , Jun 3, 2017
The BibleThe Bible's Reluctant Hero Part 2 Andrew Jorgenson , May 27, 2017
A Love ConglomerateA Love Conglomerate Seth Carroll, May 13, 2017
"Huh? Really? Are you Serious? Ummmmm ok, I guess, if I have to maybe"Huh? Really? Are you Serious? Ummmmm ok, I guess, if I have to maybe Andrew Jorgenson, Apr 22, 2017
A Strong FamilyA Strong Family Marlene Rodriguez, Apr 8, 2017
No Greater LoveNo Greater Love Pastor Bruce Blum, Apr 1, 2017
No Turning BackNo Turning BackAnthony Baca, Mar 11, 2017
Giving Glory to HimGiving Glory to HimAnthony Baca, Mar 11, 2017
The Bride of ChristThe Bride of ChristAnthony Baca, Mar 10, 2017
The Last Great Conflict The Last Great Conflict Anthony Baca, Mar 6, 2017
The Unmistakable Identity of the AntichristThe Unmistakable Identity of the AntichristAnthony Baca, Mar 5, 2017
RevelationRevelation's White RobesAnthony Baca, Mar 4, 2017
Hope at the End of the WorldHope at the End of the WorldBruce Blum, Mar 4, 2017
The DevilThe Devil's Greatest DeceptionAnthony Baca, Mar 3, 2017
The Fire of His LoveThe Fire of His LoveAnthony Baca, Feb 27, 2017
RevelationRevelation's Day to RememberAnthony Baca, Feb 26, 2017
The Covenant of His LoveThe Covenant of His LoveAnthony Baca, Feb 25, 2017
The Longest Time Prophecy Part 2The Longest Time Prophecy Part 2Anthony Baca, Feb 24, 2017
The Longest Time Prophecy Part 1The Longest Time Prophecy Part 1Anthony Baca, Feb 20, 2017
RevelationRevelation's LambAnthony Baca, Feb 19, 2017
Cosmic ConflictCosmic ConflictAnthony Baca, Feb 18, 2017
The Sure Word of ProphecyThe Sure Word of ProphecyAnthony Baca, Feb 17, 2017